Chairs are a lot  like shoes. You have to “try them on” to make sure they are comfortable and sit well. Also, like shoes, there is a wide range in cost. One can get a designer knock off shoe at Payless for a lot less money than the real deal, but everyone knows the knock off will not hold up, as it is made of inferior materials and is mass produced and poorly constructed. Its the same thing with office chairs. One can buy the least expensive chair they see, but chances are they will be replacing it in less than 2 years, if not sooner. One of the biggest differences in a “cheap ” chair and a decent quality chair is the foam. Bargain chairs have very low quality foam that will break down to foam crumbs quickly, leaving you sitting on the frame of the chair.  Another difference is how much steel, and what grade of steel is used. Try picking up a cheap chair, then pick up a decent quality chair. You will notice a huge difference in weight.  I could list  many other differences, but the bottom line is you truly get what you pay for.