Frequently Asked Question

Q – How many cubes can I get in a room?

A –  Of course, it depends on room size, but how many doors are in the space will limit the amount of cubes.  Each cube installation is tailored for that particular room based on room & cube size, aisleways, columns, etc.  (See the next question)

Q  – What is a typical cube size?

A – Generally, 6’x6′ is considered a small cube and 8’x8′ is considered a large cube.  That being said, cubes can be most any size in 6″ increments.

Q – How many people can I sit at a conference table?

A – Design standards say 1 person per foot, so a 10 foot table will sit 10 people, however, it is very tight.  It is more practical to figure on 2 less seats, so a 10 foot table will sit 8 people comfortably.

Q – How big of a conference table can I put in my conference room?

A – This is one of the biggest struggles I have with most clients.  Your room size will dictate how big of a table you can fit and ultimately how many people you can seat.  At the very least, you want 3 1/2 feet at each end of the table, any less than that and it is impossible for others to pass by when everyone is seated.  So, unless you want to play musical chairs during a meeting (and maybe you do?), leave enough room.  Also, do you need to allow for a storage or serving table/credenza?  Do you need to allow for someone to stand and present at one end of the room?

Q – What is the best ergonomic chair?

A – One can easily spend $600 to $1,000 on a high end ergonomic chair, but you can also spend half that amount or less and get just as good of a chair that fits your needs.  If you go too cheap, you will end up with a worn out and broken chair that will at best last two years.  Everyone sits differently, so the best choice is the one that suits your particular needs as well as your budget.  The best way to figure this out is to come into the showroom and sit in several different types of chairs (the butt test).  I can show you which chairs most people buy and why.

Q – Laminate or Wood veneer?

A – Laminate is by far the least expensive option, and it is extremely durable.  There are some good, high quality laminate finishes that don’t look like they came out of a big box store.Wood veneer is on average 50-80% more expensive than laminate, and it is easier to scratch or damage – but it does have a more “richer” look.  This will come down to personal preference and budget.

Q – Do I need a keyboard drawer?

A – Save your money and only get keyboard drawers/platforms for those that ask for one.  The reality is that not many people use them, even if they should.

Q – Collaborative Work Space?

A – If I had a nickel for every time I hear the word collaborative when talking about a work area, I would be a rich man.  Collaboration can be good, depending on an employee’s job function.  Collaborative can also be very distracting, not all jobs require teamwork.  Some employees need to concentrate without visual distractions much less the added noise from an open work space.  Think through this option, most companies are realizing that they need a mixed worked environment.  In other words, some collaborative space, heads down space, conference or meeting rooms, etc.